Hickory Smoked Coarse Sea Salt


Hickory Smoked Coarse Sea Salt. Add great taste and intoxicating aroma to all your favorite foods. Comes in a grinder bottle. It’s like sprinkling bacon on everything! Made in the USA.

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When you get tired of the same old, boring salt crank it up to 1000 with hickory smoked coarse sea salt from Smoke Bomb Spices. There is nothing like it. Hickory smoked coarse sea salt is┬álike sprinkling bacon on everything! We use 100% pure sea salt so there are no additives and you get a pure blast of salty hickory flavor in every bite. All of our gourmet smoked spices get the same amount of smoke and white glove treatment. If you’ve never tried smoked seasoning, what have you been doing all this time? Get with the program and try the full lineup of hickory smoked spices from Smoke Bomb Spices today!

  • Made in the USA
  • Only natural ingredients used
  • Add it to every food that should taste amazing
  • Add it to a homemade rub for your next BBQ
  • Goes great with chicken, beef, pork, eggs, vegetables, in soups, you name it! There’s nothing this won’t make better.
  • Net weight 5.6 oz. 158 g
  • 3.38 fl oz. 100 ml by volume

Ingredients: coarse sea salt, hickory smoke, rice hulls (anti-caking agent)

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