The Top 5 YouTubers for BBQ Grilling & Smoking

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Top 5 YouTubers for BBQ, Gilling, & Smoking

If you are a newcomer to the BBQ scene it can be overwhelming. There are a lot of people out there creating content on the subject with a variety of expertise and a boat load of opinions. It can be difficult to know where to start and who to trust. As you get into the community, you’ll find out who’s for real and who isn’t. Until then don’t get buried under an avalanche of content. The Smoke Ring Society is here to help guide you up the mountain of YouTube content like a Sherpa up Mt. Everest. Have a read of the top 5 YouTubers for BBQ, grilling, and smoking.

BBQ Pit Boys

The BBQ Pit Boys are a personal favorite. These guys are like a biker club decided one day to record a cookout in the backyard. The videos are bare bones, with a hint of production value and highly informative. They cook with giant knives, cast iron skillets, and open flames and the recipes they come up with are man sized. Subscribers and fans can set up their own BBQ Pit Boy chapter and submit videos, just like a biker club.

Mad Scientist BBQ

Jeremy Yoder knows what he is doing. The mad scientist behind Mad Scientist BBQ is a technical master and can smoke just about anything. He has the usual like how to smoke briskets and ribs, but where he sets himself apart is in the technical aspects of smoking. He offers tips on how to tend a fire, how to remove rust from the smoker box, and how to maintain a smoker. There aren’t a lot of recipe videos but more about the “how to” of smoking and what mistakes to watch out for. If you want to learn how to smoke, then this is the channel.

Meat Church BBQ

Meat Church BBQ is based in Texas and does videos from a massive outdoor kitchen. Founder and star Matt Pittman focuses on outdoor cooking and teaches courses on it. The channel has been around for a while but only within the last year has it really focused on creating informative content on a regular basis. As one might expect they have a ton of creative southern style recipes to try. The videos are well done and cover a lot of territory.

Chuds BBQ

Brad Robinson just might be the hardest working guy in world. In addition to the YouTube channel, he smokes professionally and makes his own line of off set smokers. Another Texas guy he does videos on his smokers, recipes, and vlogging series. There are tips on trimming briskets, making your own tortillas, frying pork cracklings and sausage making. Chuds BBQ is a treasure trove of information across all things BBQ and grilling.

Gugu Foods

With over 3 million subscribers Guga has one of the largest followings. He has been making BBQ videos for almost 7 years in the Miami area. A lot of the content centers around him doing weird dry aging experiments and using different sauces, and crazy things to see how the meat comes out. Some of the videos you wouldn’t want to try at home, but others are solid recipes and advice on how to cook. His philosophy and obsession is to make cheap cuts of meat taste good no matter what. Anyone can spend $200 on wagyu beef but it takes a true pit master to make a $1 steak delicious.

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