Welcome to Smoke Bomb Spices, the home of gourmet smoked spices and seasoning. All our spices have one thing in common; they are all hickory smoked and made by hand in the USA. We are proud to offer hickory smoked coarse sea salt, hickory smoked cracked black pepper, and hickory smoked SPG. SPG is salt, pepper and garlic mixed, smoked, and bottled together. It’s the perfect spice combination that every spice cabinet needs. Hickory smoked spices are great on their own, or as part of a tasty homemade BBQ rub. Try all our gourmet smoked spices today and remember.

 “It’s like sprinkling bacon on everything!”

The SPG comes in a coarse version or a finely ground version. Both are amazing and come in 2 different size shaker bottles. The coarse sea salt, SPG, and black peppercorns come in a convenient grinder bottle.

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