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  • Is Detroit Style Pizza the Best Ever?
    Food opinions abound and we have plenty of them. In this video we make Detroit Style pizza and have a great time doing it. There is hot take however and somebody might get their Chicago card pulled before it’s all over. Get the Detroit Style pizza recipe and make it at home yourself.
  • Arm Roast vs. Chuck Roast: Which is Better?
    Watch a side by side comparison in an epic showdown; arm roast vs. chuck roast. We smoked one of each to find out which is more tender, has better flavor, and is an all around better cut of beef. Watch to the end when the chef gets grilled by some pretty tough critics.
  • Video- Smoked Pork Shoulder Recipe & Full Cook
    Smoke Ring Society member Anvil spends a gorgeous summer day smoking a pork shoulder in the back yard. Get a look at what The Smoke Ring Society is all about; smoking meat, hanging out, having some drinks, and taking it easy.
  • Spatchcock Chicken Recipe & Full Cook
    Learn how to spatchcock a chicken then smoke it to perfection.
  • How to Smoke a Thor’s Hammer or Beef Shank
    Learn how to smoke a Thor’s Hammer! A massive beef shank slow cooked on a gorgeous summer day!