The Hard-Boiled Truth About Smoking Eggs

smoked eggs

Smoked Eggs

Just when it looked like there was nothing else on the horizon, that the smoking world has reached the peak and that new ideas are dead, smoked eggs emerge on the scene. Similar to smoked vegetables there is always room in the pit for all things edible. After all, man can’t subsist on juicy, tender, smoked meat alone, right? Probably but variety is the spice of life. The Smoke Ring Society condones such behavior and stands up to salute the innovator that first said, “I want to smoke these eggs!”

Prepare the Eggs

Even those that don’t like eggs will enjoy these little bombs of smoked protein. In the cooking world there isn’t a simpler recipe to be found. First boil the eggs but don’t over do it. They should land somewhere between hard boiled and soft boiled; five minutes should be plenty of time. The eggs will continue to cook on the smoker so if they are already hard boiled all the way through, they can get tough and chewy. Next soak the eggs in brine for 24-48 hours. Use a simple brine or your favorite brine for turkey, it doesn’t matter. The idea is to infuse some flavor no matter what.

Fire up the Smoker

Smoking the eggs can be done on a smoker or on the grill. If you aren’t cooking much else and don’t want to waste the time and fuel with the smoker then use indirect heat and the grill. You’ll get the same effect with either one. A cool trick is to put the eggs in a muffin tin. This will make them easy to transport and keep them from rolling around on the grill grates. It’s okay to put them directly on the grill grates though and the hot metal will leave burn marks on the shell and some extra flavor. Cook the eggs at 300-325 for 30 minutes for the best effect. Remember that they are already cooked so if you want to go lower at 250 degrees with the ribs that’s fine, just leave them on longer. Once taken off the smoker, submerge the eggs in ice water to stop them from cooking. After the eggs cool peel and enjoy.

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