3 Tips for Grilling Frozen Meat or Poultry

Chicken Wings
chicken wings

It happens to every grill master from time to time. As you’re running out the door you forget to get the ribeye steaks out of the freezer so they can thaw while you’re at work. Only after you get a coffee and have a seat does the realization set in. What about dinner? Now you run the risk that the wife will want to make the salad she saw on Pinterest that ends up with you eating from a mason jar. Fear not, all is not lost, you aren’t trying to cook a brisket at the last minute, we’re talking steak. Here are three tips for grilling frozen meat or poultry that will make you the hero.

Proceed as Normal

Whatever your grilling routine is, follow it. Get the meat out and unwrap it then get the spices out and arranged on the counter. Season the meat as normal because there’s no reason not to. Don’t be afraid of the rock hard slab in front of you, the only difference with this piece of meat is the temperature. It’s a lot colder than a thawed cut and that only means it will take longer to cook. Don’t panic and put it in next to the oven and definitely don’t put it in the microwave. That always ends up in disaster with one corner cooked an ugly grey color while the middle is still ice cold. Season the meat how you like it then head out and fire up the grill.

Arrange the Coals to One Side

For charcoal grills the coals should be all white and burning hot. Once they are going push them all to one side of the grill so there is plenty of room on the other side for the meat. With propane grills simply light one side of the grill, close the lid, and let it get up to temperature. What you’re doing is getting ready to thaw the meat with indirect heat. It’s frozen so putting heat directly underneath it will only burn the outside while the center is an ice cube. Think about a microwave burrito. Same thing. The indirect heat will slowly thaws the meat and smoke it at the same time. This is next level grilling.

Leave the Meat Alone

If you’ve never heard the timeless phrase “if you’re lookin’, you aint cookin’”, here it is. Welcome to the team. After getting the fire hot and placing the meat on the grill, close the lid and leave it alone for at least 30 minutes. The heat and smoke is doing a fine job of thawing the meat so there is nothing to worry about, especially because you put it as far from the heat source as possible. Check the meat by giving it the finger poke, stab it with a fork, or pick it up with tongs. When it’s soft and thawed then it’s time to cook. Spread out the coals if possible and place the steak right over top of them and give it a good sear on both sides. 2-3 mintues should be enough. Then cook it as normal.

Grilling frozen meat or poultry is great and the meat will taste wonderful. The only drawback is the time needed. If time is short then order a pizza and grill the next day.

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