5 Different Cuts of Meat to Smoke Instead of Brisket

Beef Tongue Yum

Beef brisket is the crown jewel of the smoking world. Conquer that and you’ll be the envy of all. There was a reason once, a long time ago, that brisket was chosen to smoke above all. It was plentiful, could feed a large group, and it was CHEAP. Those days are long gone and now the price of a full brisket boggles the mind, reaching hundreds of dollars. That’s a lot of scratch to spend on something that could be ruined if done wrong. Now is the time to find some new and far less expensive cuts to cover in smoked spices and toss on the smoker. Here are 5 different cuts of meat to smoke other than brisket.

Beef Cheeks

Cheeks are emerging as the new incumbent on the scene. Plenty of barbecue personalities are starting to experiment and put them on their menus and create content about cheeks and why not? Beef cheeks are tender, require minimal trimming, and are packed with flavor.

Beef Tongue

Tongue grosses most people out because it’s a too familiar. One look at the tongue covered in taste buds and images of calves prancing in the meadow start popping up. However, beef tongue is among the most tender and delicious parts of a cow. Remove the bad bits, smoke it, then slice it for tacos and nobody will know what’s happening until they fall in love.

Beef Chuck Roast

Chuck roast is as American as they come, but most people know it as pot roast. It is perfect for barbecue because it is loaded with fat, marbled and otherwise. It doesn’t take as long to smoke as a brisket or pork butt either. After a few hours, depending on the size, dinner could be on the table.

Pork Hocks

Pork hocks are another cut that doesn’t get enough love. Granted they spend their lives in some rough conditions but there is a lot of meat and fat on those babies. Belgians have been eating them for centuries in their version of Poor Man’s Stew, hutsaput. Smoked pork hocks explode with flavor and the only drawback is the small ankle bones. By the time you get to those you won’t care.

Venison Shoulder

If you are, or know a hunter, then venison is dirt cheap. It’s hard to beat free. Venison is wild game so it’s naturally tough and easy to overcook. Most recipes for venison are destined for the slow cooker. Venison shoulder though can be done just like a pork butt, low and slow. It won’t pull like a pork shoulder, but you’ll get unique flavor.

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