Why Beef Short Ribs Need Their Day on the Smoker

beef short ribs
Flintstone style beef short ribs

Eventually every pit master will get bored and want to try something new. Ribs, butts, and brisket are all amazing and we love them, BUT nobody likes to eat the same stuff all the time. When the boredom hits and rib fatigue sets in every pit master asks the same question, “is there nothing else?” Yes, there are many outstanding yet different cuts of meat to smoke and one of the best is beef short ribs. Beef short ribs are tender, delicious, and can cook a lot faster than most things on the smoker. Beef short ribs need their day on the smoker and The Smoke Ring Society is here to ensure that happens.

What Makes Them Great?

Fist of all, they’re beef, and that should be enough information right there. Second, they are ribs and that means tender meat full of marbled fat and thick fat caps. Depending on the cut some beef ribs will come with a layer of meat on top, then a layer of fat that is just as thick, kind of like a meat lasagna. All that fat renders and gravity pulls it down into the meat creating a wonderful beefy fat bomb. On the bone side there is a membrane just like baby back ribs. There are different thoughts on what to do with the membrane, but it doesn’t need to be removed. The ribs are small and short, and that small amount of membrane won’t interfere with the smoke.

Speed and Versatility

Beef short ribs will cook in a fraction of the time of brisket or shoulder. The small package makes them perfect for those days you want smoked meat but are short on time. Put them on the smoker the same time as a shoulder and serve them as an appetizer. Cooking at 250° a short rib will typically be done in two hours or less. A fast cook time, however, means they need more attention. You definitely can’t set it and forget it. Basting is a must if you want them to stay juicy and tender. Different culinary styles around the world have a short rib recipe so find your favorites and give beef short ribs their day on the smoker.

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